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First fresh fruit smoothie vending machine kiosk in singapore

What makes this magic possible?

At Hale, we are proud to offer fresh and organic frozen fruits that can be used to create the perfect blended smoothies.

Wide Selection

15+ ingredients, endless combinations

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Self-cleaning cycle after every order


Controlled by computer and backed by cloud management system

hale smoothies fresh fruit smoothie vending machine in singapore


A smoothie bar in just 2 m



Promoting a greener future through eco-friendly practices

Minimal Waste

Maximizing efficiency and reducing ecological impact

What’s important to Hale

Daily Care

best hygienic fruit smoothies in singapore

Our fully autonomous vending machine does a full cleaning cycle after every cup it blends. Our crew also visits the machine daily to clean and upkeep the machine. The vending machine follows strict guidelines by Singapore Food Agency, which is the equivalent to best-in-class sanitation, to ensure customers know that their blend is created in the cleanest, safest, and most sanitary environment possible. With such an emphasis on cleanliness, there are never issues with equipment going uncleaned.

best smoothies in singapore


Transparency is the key to trust. We have designed the machine around the idea of letting our customers see how the smoothie is being made. They will be able to see the whole process from selection of the fruits to the blending through the transparent viewing area. There is nothing to hide. Unlike other food establishments where cross-contamination of ingredients is prevalent, we use robotic technology to ensures every blend will be created exactly as described, no matter how custom or


original fruit smoothies in singapore

Real Food, Real Good

Unfortunately, we consume most of what we call "fresh" produce several days to many weeks after it's been harvested—by which time it's experienced substantial nutrient loss. By flash-freezing all-natural fruits and vegetables at their prime ripeness, we halt spoilage, prevent pathogens, and preserve key nutrients. By freezing ingredients, we avoid using the all-so-common emulsifiers, preservatives, synthetic additives present in most food products. The only process we use to preserve food is cold temperature.

Backed by the best UI experience

Our fresh fruit smoothie vending machine offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes ordering your favorite smoothie a breeze. Our carefully crafted design ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience, allowing you to customize your drink and explore a variety of delicious flavor combinations with just a few taps. Experience convenience and satisfaction like never before with our cutting-edge UI design.

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