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Using robotics to connect you with wellness

fresh fruit juice in singapore
Fresh moothie vending machine in singapore
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Singapore's first 

Smoothie Vending machine

Next-generation vending for this generation. What makes the magic possible ?

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What makes Hale different?


By leveraging on robotic technology to make blends, we are able to offer consistently delicious and custom blends to you, whenever you want it, and in the fastest way possible. Our robots can be operated around the clock - allowing 24/7 access to healthier alternatives. This means bringing our blends to you rather than you walking to us.



Our blends are made with high-quality, sustainably sourced, organic ingredients that are designed to keep you energized and rejuvenated throughout the day. While ingredients like these are typically only found in $8-10 dollar smoothies, we are able to reduce costs by 50%, utilizing efficient robotics.


The vending machine is designed to be environmentally sustainable. By incorporating technologies like Blend-in-cup, we are able to save 30% on food wastage. Everything we put in the cup is served to the customer. We use an automated self-cleaning blender system that uses 20 times less water to clean.

Organic and Fresh

Taste the goodness of nature with our organic and fresh smoothies.

Frozen to be better

Made with love

Each blend is crafted with passion and care for a truly delightful experience.

Sustainably sourced

Hale smoothies singapore

Freezing our ingredients at their peak ripeness, we preserve their natural goodness and enhance the taste.

We prioritize sustainable ingredients for a greener future.

Discover our original blends

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Get your smoothie in

3 simple steps

tropical fruit smoothies in singapore
summer fruit smoothies in singapore
fresh fruit healthy smoothie in singapore

What makes the magic possible?


Choose or create

We’ll deliver the ingredients to our kiosk—all you have to do is pick and sip. Simple right?


Complete your order

Elevate your smoothie experience by customizing it with our delectable selection of toppings. From crunchy oats to luscious chocolate, the choice is yours to create the perfect finishing touch.


Enjoy your smoothie

Indulge in the pure bliss of sipping on your favorite smoothie, and let the flavors transport you to a world of ultimate refreshment and satisfaction.

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Tag us on Instagram

Capture your smoothie moments and share them with the world by tagging us on Instagram. Show off your vibrant and delicious creations, snap a selfie with your refreshing drink, or simply spread the joy of a healthy lifestyle. Don't forget to use our hashtag to join the smoothie conversation and connect with fellow smoothie enthusiasts.


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